Agansa,SA is an investment company belonging to the Sanromà Group. From the early 40's the Group has been a pioneer in the industry for the production of specialities and substances for human and animal Health and Nutrition. The Group has laid its foundations linked to these businesses focusing its development on research, new technology, and strict control over products and processes.

The major breakthrough came during the 60s, when the Group set its first factories in Spain for animal nutrition products applying new technologies for the improvement of the efficiency and process control which provided cost reduction and high product quality for the animal health and nutrition and consequently for human consumption.

During the 70s, new technologies for the industrial production of immunoglobulins, g-globulins, L-Lysine by biosynthesis and carotenoids were developed with great success.

The 80s represents the beginning of internationalization and the Group started its international investments.

Presently the Group, through Agansa, is actively searching for new technological developments and selecting carefully its investments centered on pharmaceuticals, healthcare and crop protection products. The Group provides long term commitment, proven experience, know-how and financial capacity.

We are highly interested to work very closely with the local institutions in every country to make sure the production quality is assured, fulfilling all rules and regulations and setting up plants, factories and laboratories certifying the quality and the standards on product specifications.

The Group interest is to select and carry out investments with the right partners in every country and international partners with complementary interests.

Agansa is currently investing in India in companies for Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare and Crop Protection products.